Reinventing the Future. Together.

A collaborative initiative to advance Open Design for creating a Safe and Just Space for Humanity.


Our mission is to bring the power of technology, product design and fabrication in the hands of the people, so every community on the planet has the ability to create their own livelihood.


Our goal is that by the end of 2020 we will have a group of passionate ‘hands-on’ experts of various disciplines spending part of their time collaboratively working on practical projects from our own initiative and from partner organizations asking for help on real-world problems, from the perspective of Open Design.


Re:INVENT takes a freedom, transparent, open, cooperative, meritrocal and community approach. This means that in principal any idea, concept, project or program is possible, as long as it has a foundation in Open Design and advances empowerment in providing basic human needs.


The Re:INVENT Institute is the umbrella organization from which various interrelated programs and projects are started.

At the moment we have 2 programs:

  1. Re:INVENT_Report: a (yearly) report showcasing existing initiatives and solutions from all over the planet.
  2. Re:INVENT_Makerspace: a creative phyiscal space in The Hague, The Netherlands where we can co-create solutions.

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